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DOM BISTRÒ is a place built in 2008 and renovated by us in 2019, thus following up Borgo Grotta Gigante to the tradition of the Milic family, which can be praised fot 135 years of food and wine history.

The name “DOM”, which in Slovenian means home, was specially chosen to convey our customers the same warmth, which you could feel by gathering around the fireplace in the karst houses of the past.

The fireplace was the center of everyday life. Families used to gather around the fire, share stories, and just enjoy being together. Those were moments which were able to heat up and enrich body and soul. 

Those were moments full of emotions to savor them by being aware of enjoying them surrounded by gemstones: that of natural environment, historical and cultural one.

These are gemstones that linked together make up a unique and wonderful diamond called Karst, which is worth discovering, knowing and enjoying.


We are next to the Grotta Gigante! The hidden immensity of the Grotto gives the visitor an exciting and unique underground experience. A specialized guide accompanies visitors for about an hour along a 850-meter route. The first five hundred steps lead to the “Great Cavern”, which opens to a depth of 80 meters. It is a huge, unique room, made spectacular by exceptional dimensions.


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Saturday & Sunday: 8am-12am

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We are deeply passionate about the culture and intricacies of wine, as it represents a captivating story that we are eager to explore alongside you…


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